5) Children Should Receive Parental Love

As soon as they are born, children should receive parental love 100%; otherwise, dissatisfaction starts dominating them. We can't measure parental love by a numerical figure, but, for example, if parents possess 1,000 units love, they are to give the whole 1,000 units to children. If they give 900 to them, holding back 100, the children will feel as if they didn't receive any love at all. They will be satisfied when they receive the whole 1,000.

When your spouse asks you how much you love her or him, you should not answer, "I love you 99%." You should say that you love your spouse 100%. That's because only love can establish the whole and only in love can the whole be given and taken. When we give and receive the whole, unification comes about. The only way to create perfect unification is to give and take the whole.

Babies in America, after getting out of the hospital, live in their own rooms at home. They seldom sleep with their parents. That is why they cannot feel the warmth of the parents. Mothers seldom feed their milk to babies. If the babies don't sleep with their parents, they are no different than pets. You shouldn't treat children like that.

Several babies sleeping with their parents is a beautiful scene. It is good to sleep with babies. If there's not enough space, you can make space by sleeping upside down. Use your brain to make the arrangement. It's uncomfortable for a small baby to sleep between huge parents but it feels good for everyone. Babies should feel the body warmth of parents.

Juveniles' problems bring on public criticism. What is the cause of their problems? It's almost wholly emotional. This results from not having sound parents and brothers and sisters, and from the unsound man-woman relationship. Then, where do we look for clues for correcting those destructive problems? It is in the family.

Juveniles' problems all originate in the family. They have parents but the parental heart is not implanted in the depth of the children's heart. In other words, parental love is not deeply solidified in the bone marrow of the children. From that point the gap between parent and children expands.

If you grow up with the feeling of hate instead of the feeling of love, you are apt to create accidents when you are grown. A virgin of mild heart can create a pleasant environment even in married life, but a virgin of ill temper is apt to be unhappy in married life. There are many people cursing God for their miserable, unfair environment. But when they realize that their environment is created by themselves, they will be convinced that God is creating a fair world.