7) The Kingdom of Heaven of the Family.

The starting point of Kingdom of Heaven is not an individual or nation, but a family. So Jesus came to seek the relationship of bride and groom on the earth. Is the starting point of the Kingdom of Heaven an individual? No; it is a family.

The family is the basic unit for the Kingdom of Heaven. Once you visit the Kingdom of Heaven, you will never want to return, because "the one" with whom you will never tire of being dwells there. If all humankind in common wanted to visit there, and wanted to meet and live with "the one," the world would be unified right away. The Unification Church is the group which is heading for that place. But that doesn't happen at once. First of all, an individual foundation should be established, and then it is to be extended to the familial, national and worldwide levels.

Your family is in the position to represent the sovereignty of Heaven. The parents represent the sovereignty, the children represent the nation and your goods represent the land, so to be dutiful toward parents means to be loyal to the nation and to practice the principle of the saints. The fallen family became the origin of disgraceful behavior, but God expects the family to be the sacred site. Therefore, our mission is to guide all the corrupted families in the fallen world. Even though the families on earth are being ruptured, we do not have the right to turn away from them.

Human beings must have a family. There are parents, children and goods in a family. These three are the substantial representatives of the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age for the horizontal development of the vertical history. These three-parents, children and goods-are necessary for a family.

What should a husband do? He is to relate to the church, and his wife should relate to material goods. That is the environmental aspect. Then, what should a family member do? Father, mother and children should be completely one. The familial Kingdom of Heaven starts at that unified point. Therefore, in order to establish the Kingdom of Heaven centering upon the people, they should set up the four-position foundation.

The Kingdom of Heaven of husband and wife is established only if a couple becomes one centering upon God's love. No one can dissolve that union and it will never split in two.

What kind of love did you find? If you found God's love, your mind and body should be completely one so that God's love can dwell in you. When a father and a mother are completely one in love and the children have their objects to love, the Kingdom of Heaven of a family is established. When parents become plus and children become minus, the Kingdom of Heaven of a family comes into being.

As Father did when he started the Unification Church, you must take sincere care of your friends when they visit your house. You have to make them say, "Your house is better than mine. This meal is more delicious than at my house. Can I stay here one more night?" When you make your house a place where every guest or friend wants to come and live, even abandoning their own families, you have the Kingdom of Heaven of a family.

There is a reason that I don't build churches now. It is because we don't need so many people in the church. The Kingdom of Heaven starts not from the church but from a family-namely, from a bridegroom and a bride. A woman was born to see a man, and a man was born to see a woman. The first sound that a baby makes right after waking up in the morning is "mommy." A husband should call his wife more than a baby calls "mommy."

Those men who haven't called their wives in the same way babies call their mothers are pitiful. A wife also should call her husband in such a manner more than the husband calls her. A couple has to treat each other this way. If they live with such an attitude, even when they become very old they will not envy young people. When Blessed couples turn eighty years old, Father will let them have a round-the-world trip.

In the future, the Unification Church worship service will be in the form of giving reports, not sermons. The content of a report should be something of which each family is proud, so the whole family should participate in the worship. Through this, we will learn from an exemplary family and try to guide a family which is having trouble. In that way, let's establish the Kingdom of Heaven of the family. We should clearly know that the Kingdom of Heaven on earth cannot be established without the Kingdom of Heaven of the family.

The Kingdom of Heaven is to be established centering upon a family. You shouldn't forget the dignity that you must have as a family member.

Where does the life of the Kingdom of Heaven start? It starts in a family. It doesn't start anywhere else. The Kingdom of Heaven is the spherically extended form of a family; it is not something wholly outside the domain of a family. So you have to think you are embracing your spouse so that the men and the women of the world may become one. The family is the place where you can erect the condition for loving the whole of humankind.

The Day of Meeting comes after passing through the Age of words and the Age of substance; after passing through the Day of Meeting, you can lead a life in the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to reach the status where you can feel God's mind, heart, outlook and suffering as your mind, heart, outlook and suffering. With this status, the family of the Kingdom of Heaven is to be established. It should be completed on earth.

Now Heavenly Father feels that I should teach the norm for life in the Kingdom of Heaven. People in the restoration course should learn from those who are expert in the Principle. Father cannot be responsible directly for those problems. That Age already has passed. The organization of the Unification Church is the organization of a family. The Unification Church is centered upon a family, not upon individuals, who have been the centers so far.

Where is the Kingdom of Heaven? It doesn't just drop from the sky. It is the place where we establish a living stage of give and take among father, mother, and children, and where we feel 100% joy in utilizing all things for life and for the ideal condition.

What is the world of God's ideal of creation? It is the place where the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven are established centering upon the sovereignty of the True Parents. The Kingdom of Heaven is established only on the foundation of love. In the fallen world, no one received the love of true parents; there is no trace of it. The same was true in the spirit world, since there was no one who received the love of true parents on earth and went to the spirit world.

Man's love, woman's love, son's love, daughter's love, parents' love and God's love are included in the original family-level foundation. Whoever loves parents, spouse and children in such a harmonized place leads the life of the Kingdom of Heaven.

A family and the Kingdom of Heaven are the same in form. There are parents, husband and wife, children, and brothers and sisters in a family. We can create a unified house of love. Unification can be established, life can be connected, and the ideal can be realized in a family. Therefore, you become qualified to go to the Kingdom of Heaven when you can respect conjugal love and parental love. Grandparents handed down love to parents, the parents handed down love to a husband and a wife, and the couple handed down love to children. If you deny any one of those, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be established. You should love your parents more than your husband or wife, and you should love your grandparents more than your parents. This motto is the core and the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven.

That the world is afraid of the Unification Church is owing to the Blessed families more than to the Principle. A Blessed family is a linkage of three-generational love. The Messiah and the Blessed families become one in love centering upon God's love. The Messiah, the Blessed couples, and the Blessed children: these three generations are connected and one in love on earth. Then the Blessed couples, Blessed children and Blessed grandchildren are to be connected and one in love. The Unification Church is the place where three generations are linked.

The four-position foundation of the Unification Principle is the domain of three-generational love. When three generations live together in happiness, the ideal of creation is realized. Naturally, husband and wife should love each other. In addition, they should pray for their children with love and take sincere care of them in order to create a happy and harmonious family. When this is accomplished vertically and connected horizontally, perfect love is established. Even cousin and second cousin should become one in love to form the perfect shape of love.

The Unification Church regards the Kingdom of Heaven as starting within the domain of the tribe. When parents, brothers, cousins and second cousins become one centering upon the grandfather, a perfect three-generations is established. When this tribal domain of love becomes one with God on earth, the whole world will be the world of love-the Kingdom of Heaven. When a woman marries into a family, she has to serve her grandparents-in-law and parents-in-law in place of God and her husband. She also has to be harmonized with her sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law. If such love relationships are extended to the society, nation and world, this world will be full of peace and love, rather than crime and war; that is the Kingdom of Heaven, the ideal world of God.

The Kingdom of Heaven of a family is established when man and woman are completely one; the individual Kingdom of Heaven is established when mind and body are completely one. Husband, wife, and children should be one centering upon God's Will in the Kingdom of Heaven of the family. The purpose of the Will is for the sake of humankind, and the center of the Will is God. Therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven of the family is found where a family exists for humankind, centering upon God.

We have to work for humankind-not only for God. God wants to find a family with this standard. Unless such a family is established, God cannot save all humankind, all nations and all families. In order to create such a family, Father raised up Blessed families. The center of the family is God, and this world should be God's nation. The Blessed families should strive to lead a life which is connected to God's nation. The tribe, the nation, and the world are to be established from the point that we exist and work for others, so a family should be responsible for organizing the world centered upon God.

How much you have influenced your tribe, nation, and world becomes the standard for receiving the Blessing. The content of the Blessing differs in internal value and internal results.

The Unification Church centered upon Father is like a tribe and a nation. The purpose of the Unification Church is to form a nation composed of five races in unity that can work for the sake of the world. This is Father's purpose and it is the purpose which God wants to fulfill through Father.