2) Blessed Families Should Receive the True Parents' Guidance

Let me ask the ladies here a question. Raise your hands if you meet Father often in vision or prayer. Especially the women should receive Father's guidance. When you make a sincere effort, you will be guided. You have to be connected to Father. Having that quality of mind is not enough. If you pray, you'll surely be taught. When a husband and a wife in complete oneness pray, they'll be guided. Try to implant the adolescent heart in your daily life, crying with yearning to see Father. Have a burning heart to visit the church headquarters. . . . If you have that quality of heart, God will dwell in your family.

Married sisters definitely need Father's guidance, and brothers also should sometimes receive Father's guidance on important matters. Otherwise they cannot be a part of God's family. To make that kind of family, you should pray and make earnest effort. You should make effort with the knowledge of the aspect upon which God is focusing in His restorational providence. Your effort should be directed to the place to which God is directed; otherwise your prayer and effort will not penetrate God. That is why the ones whose hearts are always desperate to know as quickly as possible what's happening in the church can come closest to God.

If Blessed families lead a life distant from the church, their life is wrong. Members should center on Father's family and God's Will more than on their spouse. Then Father will guide them directly. Such guidance is different from in other churches. It happens, transcendent of nationality and people. That's the reason why our church develops internationally.

Unification Church members should receive direct guidance from Father through vision or prayer. There are many members in the church who directly receive Father's instruction wherever they go. What is happening is something that couldn't happen in Jesus' time. Unification Church members directly attend and live with Father. In the Unification Church, there are much greater works than the works of Jesus' time. That's why unity between the world and the Unification Church is possible.

More than 65% of the Japanese members receive Father's direction spiritually. That means that they are more advanced than you in spiritual life. They prayed more than you and their yearning heart was more intense than yours. If this situation continues, you will fall behind them. It's different now than in the old days. Things were vertical in the old days. It was a time of developing the vertical aspect centering upon the vertical relationship, so spirituality grew. Many were martyred to develop Christianity in the past. On such a foundation, Christianity expanded internationally through a long history. But it's different now. The light sparkles in the East and at the same time it sparkles in the West. Do you understand what I mean? Even though Father is here right now, he is directing all the nations in the world. It is night in certain countries. It is true that light is sparkling in the East, and simultaneously it is sparkling in the West. Father has been dealing with such a history.

What should you consider most important in your family life from now on? When Father teaches your wife and your children something in a vision, you have to believe it. You should create an environment such that if your daughter received teaching through a vision, other family members would respect her words as God's, would consider them absolute and would try to be one with them. If a husband doesn't receive teachings, Father is to sure to teach centering upon his wife. If that happens, you should: (1) realize that God is near your family, and (2) take your wife's words as God's. You'll see later whether or not it's good.

If you check with your Regional Leader, you will be able to see right away. When Father appears through a vision or prayer, you should analyze Father's facial expression, to see whether he is happy or sad, and then figure out why he looks happy or sad. Even with the same sad expression, the meaning may be different, according to whether you see Father from the front or the side, and it also differs according to whether he appears on the right or left side, or at the top or bottom. You should be able to analyze and know the meaning. Father will surely teach the person who always prays.

If such experiences often occur, you can take data from them and try to match them with reality. You will know how God is leading your family now and what will happen to your family in the future. If there's one family member who receives teachings from Father through visions, all family members should listen to that person, even all through the night, and try to decide what action the family should take.

If you cooperate centering upon one person, that person will surely receive Father's teaching. If there's a perfect plus, a perfect minus automatically appears. Likewise, if the teaching through visions completely matches the reality at least three times, the spouse or children will become very curious and interested. In such a way, you will expand the spiritual foundation. But so far you haven't had such dreams, have you? That's why you need to pray and make a serious effort. If you had such experiences, you would more clearly know the existence of God and your life of faith would be successful. Things are supposed to be like that.

Raise your hand if you are Blessed. Centering upon what did these Blessed families come into being? It's not true that Father Blessed just for the well-being of, for example, the Park or Kim tribe. A loving husband and wife should be totally one even though they have two separate bodies. Is there any way for a couple to be one without love? Is it possible to unify one nation without patriotic fervor-love for the nation? Anything that says that it's possible to make oneness without love is false.

The Communists claim that. Communists make people follow by threat, deception and menace. People externally become one in a Communist society in order not to be beaten. But if the threatening force disappears, people immediately turn away. Will they turn away or not? That time definitely will come.

I hope for the establishment of such a family. You may not want it, because you are much more handsome than I. Even though I'm uglier than you, I hope for such a family. You like the family as it is now, don't you? Do you hope for such a family? Do you think you'd better hope for such a family? Then, you should listen to me even if you feel disappointed about establishing such a family. Since Father knows where the vein of gold is, you'd better just do what I told you to do. When climbing a cliff, if I order you to climb upside down, you should definitely do it. Until you reach the summit, you may feel as if Father were a dictator. Who wants to go the hard way? But once you reach the destination, you'll exclaim by saying, "WOW!"

Some of you may have had an experience of pasturing cows. It's really bothersome to feed fodder to cows. When I was young, I would whip the cows on the way to the pasture. The ones who are laughing now had the same experiences, right? I'm not the only one who did that. What could I do if, when my parents ordered me to pasture the cows and to return at a certain time, I found that there was no grass on the flat land? In that kind of situation, I would drive the cows out to the steep mountain where my father's favorite meadow was. But halfway to the meadow, the cows would want to eat a very paltry amount of grass. Then I would hit them with a stick, saying, "How dumb all these cows are." I didn't feel sorry. Have you felt the same? What would the cows do when they reached the meadow after having been forced to cross the river and climb the mountain? Do you think that if I ordered them not to eat, they would obey? Not only their tongues but also their lips, ears, and even their eyes would devour the grass with gratitude.

Because Father knows that a place such as that meadow exists in the future, I discipline you now. But you don't realize that. You aren't aware of the existence of such a place. If you knew clearly of such a place, you would long for me to discipline you. Do you understand what I am saying?