5) Mother's Seven-Year Course

The Fall started from Eve-the woman. The Bible doesn't state in detail, but Eve must have been 16 years old at the time of the Fall. Due to Eve's fall in her adolescence, she lost the standard of the mother of humankind. Therefore, in restoration, the one who is to be the True Mother for humankind should be chosen before she turns 20 years old. Father shouldn't be over 40 years old for the Holy Wedding Ceremony. Because of this reason in the Principle, Father loved his young wife as his daughter.

Due to the Fall, Eve didn't play the roles of loving daughter to God and a younger sister and wife to Adam. Therefore, Father had to raise up Mother as his daughter, love her as a younger sister, and then treat her as his bride. As a result of the Fall, Eve received false love from false parents and her false older brother, so the one to be Mother shouldn't have false parents or a false older brother.

Mother should be like a younger sister, a wife, and a daughter all at the same time. She should not have a physical family or relatives to whom she can appeal about her suffering whenever she faces difficulties.

The first seven years after the Holy Wedding Ceremony were the period to raise up Mother with heavenly education. During this period, Father continually prayed for this, day and night. Even Mother didn't know all the significance behind this period, but Father substantially restored the heavenly daughter, heavenly spouse and the standard of True Parents, all of which were lost by the Fall. This is the way for every fallen descendant to traverse. During the first three years, Father sent Mother to another's house and let her suffer there. Due to this harsh treatment, all the women in the Unification Church who were jealous of Mother at that time became sympathetic with her. They all came to Mother's side eventually. Then Mother could return to her original position.

Mother had to go through the seven-year indemnity course with a strong and bold heart. One great point of Mother is that she tried to trust Father more than her physical father. She felt as if Father were her grandfather. Mother trusted Father 100% more than her grandfather, her father and her older brother.

After man's victory, woman should be victorious. That's why Mother had to go through the indemnity course for seven years in the midst of extreme opposition from the society and nation.

Because Mother fulfilled her responsibility, God's Day could be established. Mother's faith in me was absolutely unchanging during the seven years. She overcame the seven-year course with the attitude and conviction to follow Father at the cost of her life.

In order to indemnify Eve's distrust of God, Mother had to set up the firm condition that could win God's 100% trust in her. Eve led her intended husband, Adam, to fall. Therefore, in order for the indemnification of Eve's failure, Mother had to win Father's 100% trust. Owing to Mother's victorious spiritual foundation, which gained the trust of both God and Father, God's Day could be selected and established.

After completing the growth stage in seven years, in the eighth year, 1968, Father and Mother could appear on earth as the husband and wife qualified at the completion of the perfection stage.

From that time, I with my family could launch the global providence, beyond the national standard. That's why Father went to America at that time.